Dating and chat Maybe You apk 1.1.20 Latest Version

Dating and chat Maybe You apk 1.1.20 Latest Version

4.2 ( 2K+ ) (4+)apps, Dating App

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App Name com.maybeyou v1.1.20
Genre apps, Dating App
Size41.5 MB
Latest Version1.1.20
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Package Namecom.maybeyou
Rating 4.2 ( 2K+ ) ( 4+ )

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Dating and chat Maybe You apk 1.1.20 Latest Version Dating app download for Android_It can be hard to know what to talk about when you’re trying to start a conversation with someone you like. You may feel like you’re running out of things to say, or like you’re just not sure how to get the conversation going.

In this article, we’ll give you a few tips on how to start a conversation with the person you like, as well as some things you can talk about to keep the conversation flowing.

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So you’ve got your ice breaker, now what?

You can give a straight-forward introduction and ask them about their weekend or maybe start by telling them something you think they look really charismatic.

You can share another friend’s opinion about how attractive the person you like is, or deliver facts about their job history or hobby. Best would be if you find things you both have in common.

You can ask them what they usually do for fun, how they got their job, or what kind of books they seem to like. Ask them what’s going on in their lives. Everything you share is fair game. Don’t worry about what you’re going to say next.

Ask the person you like if he or she has a friend.

Why ask them myself? Because I am sure that if I speak to them, they will listen to my advice and follow my suggestions. On the other hand, he/she may agree with me and my suggestions. If he/she won’t listen, I don’t request to be an acquaintance of the people I like and he/she who enjoys dealing with me.

Hmmm. I think this suggestion doesn’t work. Sometimes you could discuss a little bit and he/she won’t be interested in you and that is not a good sign to take your friendship.

Make a friend and check if he or she is interested in you.

If you want to start a conversation, you should create that assumption.

It may be that the person you are talking to is not interested in starting a conversation right now, that they want to be more selective, or that they are otherwise less open to the idea of relationship with you than you are, but have a part of them interested in getting to know you better.

Start a Conversation Before Start Charring

Time flies. They say the best ideas come when you’re not thinking about them, so it’s smooth sailing for the birds. Though there is an uncanny hold on nature and there is no better time to jump into a new side, we often do the mistake of not making the attempt or not taking advantage of it.

Before jump into the wind we need to be ready and prepare to make the chance.

I don’t mean overpreparation like cleaning the house — you are pretty sure that the girl that you like will show increased interest in you if you said no cleaning or complaining about the mess.

Talk to the person you like about all the subjects

With the right skills and practice, you can start a conversation almost instantly. For example, you’re walking down the street when you notice a cute girl. Consequently, you want to say hi, but perhaps you also want to ask her out.

Because the moment you think to yourself, ‘Well why don’t I ask if she’s free on Saturday evening?’ you have latched on another uncertain prospect to go make conversation with.

So when in fact, when you approach a stranger and say, ‘Hi, are you free on Saturday evening?’ The likelihood is that you’d probably receive a yes.

That is why you must practice starting conversations with your crush in public places. When you’re all by yourself and you have no other alternative, it’s when no one’s going to stop you.

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Interesting Topics

If the person you like is currently interested in movies, it would probably be best to talk about something that both of you enjoy, as they may have a better memory and a better spark talking about things they enjoy.

It will be easy for you to bring interesting topics up, as well as be easy for you to talk about things related to the topics that you are bringing up. You can also mix up how you talk about topics by varying the speed and pitch of your voice and sentence structure, as long as it is normal and easy to understand. Finally, if the conversation starts getting a little bit generic or repetitive, it may be up to you the person you like what to talk about next.


In a nutshell, we’ve just shared some beginner tips for how to start a conversation with the person you like. But first, it’s important to pick out your position.

To successfully initiate a conversation, it’s hard to go wrong at beginning.

If you’re ok with smalltalk, a good place you can pick is to ask them for advice.

You could ask them “How do I start a conversation with someone?”

or “Did you encounter similar situation before?”

Try to come from a somewhat neutral point like they’ve done something nice for you and it was obvious your interaction.

You could also ask them if they know any interesting connections or someone you should meet.

Don’t forget to nurture the conversation, keep them interested, and respond to the things they say so they feel like they can’t stop talking.

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